Heath Suddleson – Testimonial from AACE ETS

Heath Suddleson – Testimonial from Larry Sheron


Crystal Allbritton – District 55 Toastmasters (Current International Director from Region 3)

Heath Suddleson – Testimonial from Sean Neary

Testimonial – Better Than Coffee

Testimonial – Jim Key


“When Heath Suddleson walked onto the stage in Austin, Texas he owned the room!

He held the audience in rapt attention as he presented fresh leadership pointers that seemed to be picked particularly for this audience.  Like a master weaver Heath held the audience’s attention while weaving his speech with serious information and entertaining stories.  he had me feeling like he was talking to me personally.”

Jo Condrill, President GoalMinds, Inc.


“His knowledge, communication skills, presentation skills, and ability to convey complex content into simple examples was outstanding.

I would recommend him for any training assignment, especially one which draws in his knowledge of project management and leadership.”

Roberto Villalobos, Regional Planning Manager – Asia Pacific, Bechtel Corporation


“Heath was very easy to work with, had great stories to tell, and was genuinely interested in crafting the best message to deliver to our company. He was knowledgeable, prepared, and flexible when a last minute issue made the original space unavailable. The team members loved his presentation and were discussing it days later. I would absolutely recommend Heath to anyone looking to bring fresh perspective, experience, and something fun and different to their event.

Megan Bishop – Jack Welch Management Institute