Our products are designed to give you information you need in an easy to use format.


The Attitude Check: Lessons in Leadership is a practical field guide for managers and leaders in almost any environment.  Each chapter builds on leadership as a life cycle, taking you from foundations of leadership, building a team, clarifying expectations and getting buy in, dealing with performance issues, making up lost productivity, succession planning, and much more.


The Coaching Workbook is the perfect companion to the book.  It is a thirteen week self study course where you spend one week working on the lessons from just one chapter.  The workbook covers thirteen chapters in thirteen weeks.  Self Assessments will help you identify marked improvement at the end of the thirteen week program.  The workbook also contains forms and other tools that you can use on the job to improve your team’s performance as well as your own leadership skills.


You will also find T-shirts and 15 oz. coffee mugs that will remind you and those around you to:

Check your attitude early

Check your attitude often

Check your attitude at the door!


Also in our products section you will find courses that will help you in your goals.  Some courses are in person, and some are on line.  All are live events with you and our instructors.


Stay tuned for more products and programs that are currently in development.

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