Create A Network of Endless Referrals - Webinar

Create A Network of Endless Referrals – Webinar


Looking to advance your career? Join us for a 90 minute webinar on how to develop your own personal brand, how to expand your network, and how to leverage your network to create an army of Personal Walking Ambassadors who are always thinking of ways to help you achieve your goals.

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Product Description

If you are tired of always having to look for new prospects, wasting your time on low quality leads from other people, and spending more of your time marketing than selling, then this webinar will help you.

The fact is that most people can make a living with the contacts they already have if they know how to use them.  Do people groan when you walk up or are they tired of getting your e-mails?  Do people tell you they just don’t have anyone else to refer to you?  Then you are using your contacts the wrong way.   Are you making the living you want?  Are you using your contacts in the right way?

Learn proven relationship-building principles to bring even more clients to your door and help you attract only those who are interested in what you sell.  Heath shows how to maximize your daily contacts, utilize your tools both online and off, leverage your relationships, and generate ongoing sales opportunities.






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