Does Your Boss Really Have Horns?

Does Your Boss Really Have Horns?

We all have had the fantasy in our mind of drawing horns and a pitchfork on a picture of our boss.  Perhaps, you actually did it.   What makes bosses so bad and how do we keep from becoming just like them?


The first answer may surprise you.  Bosses really aren’t that bad.  In fact, if you could get to know them outside of work you would probably find them wonderful to be with.  After all, they have families and people who love them just like we do.  So how is it that they can be so angelic to some and so devilish at work?


That answer may also surprise you.  They are just doing what they learned from their previous bosses.  It works just like parenting.  How many people do you know who actually took parenting courses?  Probably not many.  5285064_l

Most of us have sworn we would never do or say some of the things our parents said, only to have those words come across our lips, burning like lava.  Why do we suddenly start channeling our parents when we are stressed?  Because that is still our default setting.  That is how we learned to parent and unless we invest the time and attention to learn new tactics and skills, we will always go right to our default setting when brought to the end of our rope.

The same is true for leadership and managing a staff.  As much as we may have hated our previous bosses, when the time comes, we cannot be surprised if we act just like them unless we have invested the time and effort into learning more effective leadership techniques.  Our bosses have not likely done that if we want to draw horns on their picture, and if we can remember that outside of the office they are probably not the hellish tyrant we see them as, it may help to open some perspective on our part.

What can you do if you have such a boss?  Suggest some leadership training for the whole team.   This way you don’t single them out and everyone can learn and improve from the training.  The money invested in training can pay dividend for years to come.

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