Leading A Sales Team

The Go-Giver


Technical Skills

When too many sales training programs focus on high pressure closing techniques, this program starts with the concept that even the best closing is nothing more than a recovery attempt Canadian pharmacy from a bad opening.  It’s those sales that open the right way that close themselves.  You don’t need high pressure techniques when the customer is asking when they can sign on the line.    Best of all, it’s those customers who are happy to close with you that send referrals your way.  No customer who is pressured will ever help you build your business.  Customers who feel they have a relationship with you will become your Personal Walking Ambassador and will send you new leads because they want to.


Using the 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success, we teach sales teams how to sell on value instead of price.  We teach sales teams how to increase their client base by building an army of Personal Walking Ambassadors.  We teach your sales teams how to focus on your unique positioning to capture more market share.  We teach your teams how to make more money by shifting from what they get to what they give.

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