Critical Thinking Skills and Root Cause Analysis



You can’t believe that this same problem plagued your project again. You compiled lessons learned from other projects, told everyone to take some extra time thinking of all the possible Ambien Canada disasters lurking in the project details, and you even asked everyone to update the project risk register. So why did so many things still go wrong?

The first issue is one of human performance. Too many times we just don’t think through an issue as thoroughly as we need to. You may think that you are immune to this, but have you ever done a home improvement project on your own home and gone to the hardware store to get all of the tools and materials in advance? How many trips did you make to the hardware store after you started the project? More than 3? More than 5? We just need to train our brains to think differently to be more effective.

How about those lessons learned? Are you sure your team learned the right lessons? Did someone just write down their gut reaction for how to solve a persistent problem? If it could be solved with a simply gut reaction solution, it probably would not be a persistent problem.

There are many tools that can be used to actually determine root cause of many issues, and no, it’s not as simple as to keep asking “Why”. It takes a specific process using proven tools to do a proper root cause analysis. The answers you will find may surprise you because if your have done analysis before, your team may have been trying to back in to a predetermined conclusion based on that gut feeling.

This course will train you to think differently. It will train you to view the world differently. It may even unlock some doors to problems that have been plaguing your projects persistently.

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