Communication for Managers


8 Hours
8 PDUs

Do the Q&A sessions from your briefings to executive management take as long as the briefing presentation? Do your project meetings start late, run late, and little seems to get accomplished? Are your team members not reading your entire e-mails causing them to miss critical buy from Canadian pharmacy online updates and action items? Do you spend too much of your day in meetings, which makes it tough to get your workload completed?
Communication to your project team happens throughout the day, every day. If your team is missing key information, then how can your project complete successfully?

This course will help you learn how to give better briefings so that management hears the first time what they want to hear without having to go fishing for information through a Q&A session. We will help you make PowerPoint slides that have impact.

You will also learn better meeting management skills so that meetings not only start on time and end on time, but that meetings will be productive uses of time and with the right frequency.

After this course, Monthly Progress Reports will be easy and effective by delivering the key information to the key personnel on the project in a clear and concise manner that flows.

E-mail tips and tricks will help your team be more effective and will reduce the number of tasks that are missed because someone never saw the information in the e-mail.

Even interpersonal communications with team members will go much easier with the proven techniques taught in the course.

The biggest challenge in management is effective communication of tasks, activities, deadlines, coordination issues, obstacles, and opportunities. If your communication is keeping your project from completing on time and on budget, then this course will help you turn that around.

Make Sure Your Messages Hit The Mark


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